WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2006 a Must-Have

Wrestling has been around for years. Three to four generations of families are known to be huge fans. So it isn’t surprising that the makers of video games have teamed up with the huge conglomerate of the WWE. Recently the makers of Playstation 2 and the WWE came out with WWE SMACKDOWN Vs RAW, 2006. And if you are one of thousands of wrestling and video game fans this is the game for you.
Just like the previous Smackdown Vs. Raw, all the players from both WWE’s Smackdown and Raw shows are featured. But the newest games does have added game modes such as buried alive match, and the backstage bar brawl.

You can start the game in one of three different modes, season, manager and PPV.

Season mode follows exactly like last year television series Raw and Smackdown. Every event plays itself out on the screen. You can play what ever character you want and you have the chance to change the outcome of all of the matches. As you play match to match, you collect points for the moves you make and the skill level. If you win the match, of course, you collect more points. As you collect points, more matches as well as more characters are opened, allowing you to play them.

In the General Manager Mode you can choose which stars are playing for Raw and Smackdown. You are assigned a set amount of money. Each player earns a different amount. The greater his popularity and skill level, the more he costs. You can choose the amount of time you wish to hire the star according to the amount of money you can spend.

In the PPV mode, you can create your own Pay Per View match. You can chose a name for it, which arena to use (Raw or Smackdown), the type of show (whether it is jointly hosted by both Raw and Smackdown or just one of them), the number of matches and who does the commentary of the matches.

If you want to play a single match, you choose the exhibition mode. From there you can choose from a number of different types of matches, from tag teamed, caged matches, bra and panties, etc. You even have new matches to choose from in this mode, including the buried alive match.

In each match, you are allowed to pick which level you think you can handle. It starts with the easy level all the way to the hardest level, which they call the legend level.

If you wish to see who has won which title, from the main menu pick the locker room. From there you can use your directional keys to view the record breakers, title holders and award winners.

With each game, the graphics seem to get better, too. The wrestlers sound and talk, not only human like, but almost like they do on the television set. The music is also more like the music you heard in the previous season on the television series of WWE.

The new 2006 version of Smackdown Vss. Raw is a bit different from last year’s version. The keys you use for each move has changed a little. This just means you have to practice more, which every video fan likes to do anyway. You can also rebuild your strength in the new version, unlike last year’s version.

At the asking price of $49.99 many video gamers and wrestling fans will want this video game. And since this game is getting some really good reviews, they are surely moving off the store shelves into the homes of the fans.

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