Making the Sims Movie is a Bad Idea

Why the Sims movie is a bad idea

Today a lot of forms of entertainment cross over into other forms of entertainment. Movies are made into video games; video games are made into movies. Comic books are made into movies, movies are made into comic books. These creators just can’t be bothered with thinking of a new idea so they just make a facsimile of somebody else’s idea. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I have a feeling this is one of those times when it doesn’t.
It was recently revealed that Fox had picked up the rights to make a movie version of a certain video game. What video game is it? Is it something adventurous like Zelda? Is it a game that would make a cool stealthy spy movie like Metal Gear? Is it something with a lot of explosions and effects like Halo? Or is it a game rich with story and character development like Final Fantasy? Nope. Fox is not making any of those games into movies. Fox is making a movie of the video game The Sims.

What? Who thought this was a good idea? Don’t get me wrong The Sims is a fantastic game, one of the best games ever and the best-selling PC game in history. The Sims could attract fans just by its name but I just find it hard to believe they can make a good movie out of it.

In The Sims the player creates a character and then controls that character as they go through the day like a normal person. The player must control his character to sleep every night, eat when he gets hungry, get a job and go to work. The player can make his character have fun like talk on the phone, dance or play basketball but most of the game is doing menial tasks like taking out the garbage and working out everyday.

So what is the movie going to be about? A character is going to wake up, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, work out, eat dinner and go to bed? That doesn’t sound like a very interesting movie. Especially since the most intriguing part of The Sims video game is that you get to make your character and you get to control them how you want to. In the Sims movie those things don’t apply, it will just be some character you have no attachment too.

If Fox is smart they will think twice about making a movie based on The Sims. Video game movies are rarely good to begin with but at least make a movie we would look forward to see like Metal Gear or Legend of Zelda.

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