Is it Worth it to Trade in Used Video Games?

Trading in used video games


No matter what video game system or systems is present in your house or dorm room or garage, you are most likely to accumulate old games that sit on the shelf, not to mention the systems themselves. While old games have some value to the consumer or the player, for the most part these games sit in their cases. Sure, sometimes the older games get broken out and taken for a spin on the Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, or X Box 360, but for the most part these games are just taking up space. Usually the question pops up, should I trade these games in?
Like it or not, video games are a multibillion dollar industry that is likely here to stay. For that reason companies like Gamestop have popped up to offer instant store credit or cash for unused or unwanted games. There is a good chance a small store has popped up in your town or favorite mall that specializes in trading in video games. Even major retailers like Best Buy will offer a gift card for consoles such as the Nintendo DS, DS Lite, or the big three next generation consoles (Wii, PS3, X360). While these are completely viable options for getting rid of older titles, usually to purchase newer titles often this is not the best way to get the most out of the games. However, as with anything in this world there are pros and cons to using the service of a console trading or individual game trading company or store.

The Pros:

Getting store credit for new video games is always a great thing. Same thing with trading in used consoles. Sometimes, you can even get cash, other times even a store gift card is just like cash. Of course the main plus, is instant gratification. Trade the game today, get a new one today. Of course, many consumers love the no hassle world of video game trading. The “quick and easy” factor is difficult to supplant in many peoples minds.

The Cons:

You are not getting top dollar for your trade. You may end up trading for a game that costs $40 only to retrade that game in a week or so for $10 in credit. Therefore, trading for unproved games or consoles is generally unwise. Ask any seasoned trader, and the warnings will generally be the same: Know what you are buying prior to trading for anything.

Many companies that specialize in video game trading use data from the web to quote prices to consumers looking to trade games in. The companies make no secret of doing this, but still people are horrified to find out that game that costs $50 last year is worth $2 in store credit. Sticker shock can be very intimidating. Selling the games themselves via online auction, or at a yard sale or even on Craig list, is generally a more profitable affair. Of course, there is no instant gratification and there can be quite a bit of leg work involved in shipping and getting listing together. The bottom line is if top dollar is what you are looking for, generally selling the games or systems yourself will serve your game budget and your wallet better.

In closing, the short story relates to time and personal desire. If you want rid of the games or consoles quickly simply stop into the store with your would be trade in merchandise. However, if you want the maximize your investment in the games and consoles check out Ebay or Craigslist and see what folks are selling the games for, you will be surprised at the results.

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