Baby’s Learning Laptop Toy by Vtech: An Affordable, Quality Toy

I’m not a fan of video games and computer software aimed at toddlers and preschoolers. The Baby’s Learning Laptop toy, however, is a little different. The Baby’s Learning Laptop by Vtech isn’t designed to be a video game type toy, but rather is just in a laptop-style and includes classic learning options appropriate for the development of babies and toddlers. The Baby’s Learning Laptop by Vtech is a toy that will grow with your child and can be enjoyed by a variety of ages.
The Baby’s Learning Laptop is brightly colored with the three primary colors and green. The Baby’s Learning Laptop opens and closes just like a real laptop computer. There are buttons on the keyboard area of the laptop toy and a screen or monitor. There is even a mouse located to the right of the keyboard on the Baby’s Learning Laptop toy.

Depending on what setting the Baby’s Learning Laptop by Vtech is on, your baby or toddler can learn about colors, shapes, or common objects. The lights, music, and audio on the Baby’s Learning Laptop are exciting for toddlers and infants and help to keep their attention. The keyboard buttons are large and easy to push and many toddlers love opening and closing the laptop again and again.

According to the manufacturer the Baby’s Learning Laptop is appropriate for ages 6 months to 18 months. While I do really like this developmental toy, I disagree with this age range. This is a great toy for an 18 month old and with the teaching of shapes and colors and words, the Baby’s Learning Laptop is a great entertainer for an older toddler up to at least 24 months as well. The flashing lights and fun sounds are entertaining for an infant, but the developmental aspects of the toy make it fun for an older toddler as well.

Because the Baby’s Learning Laptop is lightweight and portable it is a great car entertainer toy. Like so many toddler toys, The Baby’s Learning Laptop is noisy, but not nearly as annoying as many other similar toys on the market. There is a volume control and when the Baby’s Learning Laptop is set on the quieter setting it isn’t too loud at all.

At about $14.99 the Baby’s Learning Laptop by Vtech is also an affordable electronic toy. The two included AA batteries seem to last a while. Our son has had his Baby’s Learning Laptop toy for 3 months now, plays with it several times a week, and the first set of batteries are still working.

Overall, the Baby’s Learning Laptop by Vtech is an affordable, quality toy that might even entertain your child for a longer period of time than most toys. The Baby’s Learning Laptop toy is definitely worth checking out.

Snapchat Hack

Hacking Snapchat – is it possible?

Snapchat is a very popular instant messaging service on Android and iOS. The app has been installed by millions upon of millions of users and has quickly become a favorite of most smartphone users. However, while the fact that the images you send on Snapchat are deleted after the recipient has viewed them might seem alluring, there’s a certain danger that you might not be aware of. There are several websites that offer a Snapchat hack which allows you to hack the password of any Snapchat account you desire. I’m sure most people are aware of the fact that in 2014 the “Snappening” took place, during which thousands of people got their Snapchat account comprimised.

However, the difference between the “Snappening” and the Snapchat hack I found online is that the hack I found allows you to hack any account on demand. All you need is the username of the account you want to hack and you can view all their snaps and even their password. At first this so called Snapchat hack seemed unbelievable to me. I refused to believe that it would be that easy to hack into a Snapchat account. Therefore, I decided to test it out for myself.

Testing the Snapchat hack

As mentioned before, it seemed impossible to me that hacking a Snapchat account was that simple. Thus, I gave it a shot to see if it would live up to the hype. In order to do so I created a brand new Snapchat account. On this Snapchat account I sent a test snap to my real account with a sample image. I then entered the username of the brand new account on the snaphackspy site. I didn’t expect much of it. Once I entered the username of the account a console looking interface popped up. After a few seconds I was prompted to verify that I was human through installing an app. After I did this I was shocked. The image I sent on the test account was revealed to me, and the password was too. It was baffling to see that it was that simple to hack into a Snapchat account. However, now that I had seen proof that it actually worked I had no other option but to believe it. I asked one of my friends who works in data security if he could explain to me how this website works and how it is able to spy on my Snapchat account so easily. He admitted to me that he too was stunned that it was actually possible to hack a Snapchat account in such a simple way.

Breaking News About Giant Merger Between NBC and Comcast

NBC Comcast Merger

Internet access prices will definitely be going up in price due to the merger between NBC and Comcast that was approved today. One company will have all the control over everything that goes on with the World Wide Web. Once again, we have the FCC to thank for this.
The Justice Department approved this unprecedented consolidation of media and Internet power making a shift in the control of every aspect of electronic media.

A multi tiered pricing system is already in effect for various speeds to connect to the Internet.

On the lowest level is “economy.” Online access requires the purchase of at least a basic level of cable television to accompany the online access. What the basic cable level is the chart doesn’t list. The new, higher Internet access price is $26.95.

Five other levels range from economy internet which is ten dollars more than if you use the cable hook up along with the internet access up to the category of “Blast,” which is $69.95, the same as always. Though, previously, this Blast tier wasn’t very well publicized if it ever did exist in the past.

Don’t forget the monthly cable modem fee of five dollars. Qualifying for low income status gets broadband internet access for $9.95.

Eventually these kinds of mergers will eliminate any other competition and give NBC/Comcast complete control. Netflix is on its way out as a potential competitor. If this monopoly succeeds, there will be more – guaranteed.

TV, radio, and phones that are Internet based will be the only connection that delivers fast enough, or good quality signal to most Americans. This is not the good old free market competition that Americans have always known. The choices of services will most likely diminish to no choices at all.

Either buy from NBC/Comcast, or go without.

Now that these monopoly type situations have been allowed by the federal government, what other big mergers are looming out there?
Look for a possible merger between Alltell and Verizon.

The future of democracy and technology isn’t bright.

The airways were once controlled by federal government laws. These laws protected the people by ascertaining that the airways also belong to the people, and the provision of news and weather conditions must be freely available.

For now it appears, one must have plenty of money to spend in order to be informed. Vague wording in reference the cost issues included stipulations for “reasonable” pricing and “sufficient” bandwidth.

Hmm? Does that mean I won’t run into the every morning 6:30 clog up that freezes my computer on a daily basis? I’m on the lowest pricing index, and I believe I’m already getting “pinched” off.

We can always look forward to satellite TV. But if the government keeps caving to big business, the situation may not improve.

People must stand up for their rights. Contacting local government officials, senators, congressmen and women might put some pressure on folks to act in an ethical manner. Democratic Commissioner Michael J. Copps, was the only dissenting vote. He is quoted as saying that this “venture grievously fails the public interest.

If the government isn’t there for us, maybe we can look to the giant Internet companies to price themselves out of the business.